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Katie’s Christmas Program

Today, Katie had a Christmas program at her preschool.  They put on a little play about the birth of Jesus and she played the part of Mary. She did a great job! Here are some pictures from the morning!

No room at the Inn


Baby Jesus is coming!


The whole cast


Sweet Mary


Katie’s wonderful teachers- Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Betsey.

IMG_2458 IMG_2460

This blue-eyed boy enjoyed the show


And so did this guy but he wasn’t in the mood to have his picture taken 🙂



A Great Appointment

John’s appointment at UVA last Thursday was filled with good news. At one point, his cardiologist said that John “could not look better.” John weighed 13.3 pounds, still very small for his age but he’s growing along his own curve. His 02 sats were 93, which is amazing! We were scheduled for an ECHO but his cardiologist felt that John looked so good that we could skip it! The doctor said we could completely stop one medicine John’s been on his whole life, a diuretic called Lasix. We were so happy to hear this! Not only is that one less medicine we need to fight to get down every day (he’s not a fan of taking meds) but being off of it could aid in our little guy’s weight gain.

Another potentially exciting development is that the cardiologists and general pediatric surgeons are planning on meeting soon to come to a consensus on whether or not they should recommend doing the Ladd’s Procedure for babies with heterotaxy and complex heart conditions, like John. During our last visit in early November, the pediatric surgeon we met with was very honest in saying that the research presents conflicting evidence on this, which left us feeling confused. Our cardiologist seemed to think that they are going to agree on recommending to NOT do the procedure unless the child is symptomatic. Since John is not, we’ll (hopefully) follow their advice and wait to do the surgery until he starts showing clear signs that he needs it. There are specific things to look for and we’ll be on high alert but for now it looks like we can wait on major bowel surgery and another hospital stay!

John will meet with a specialist at UVA in mid-January who will be tracking his development but our next cardiology appointment isn’t for another 3 months!  It was an encouraging visit. We don’t take any of this for granted. John has done so well because of the prayers and support of so many. What a great way to end a big year!