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I’m so happy to report that John is doing so very well these days!  He’s doing all the things a baby his age (almost 9 months!) should be doing- rolling over and getting ready to crawl, babbling and putting sounds together (like “mamamama”) eating lots of solids (he’s loving avocados and hating peas), smiling and laughing often, delighting in every move his sister and brother make, sleeping better, and GROWING!  He’s gained about a pound in the past 3 weeks, which is amazing for him.  He is so delightful and we are incredibly grateful for his life, progress, and many, many answered prayers!

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If you received our prayer card back in April of last year you saw that one of our biggest prayer requests was for John’s mental development. I am so happy to report that so far, from all they can see, he is right on track! We have been meeting periodically with Early Intervention (a program that refers at risk children up to age 3 to physical, speech, and occupational therapy as needed) locally and it has appeared that he was meeting all of his milestones. Yesterday we met with one of the Developmental Pediatricians at UVA (something they do for all babies who have had major heart surgeries early in life) and she confirmed that he is right where he should be for his age. She said his muscle tone was “perfect”, which is a great gift considering he was confined in a hospital bed for the first 35 days of his life! He can sit up for long periods of time, he babbles and tries to communicate, he’s incredibly interactive (he’s always a hit at every doctor’s appointment! You should see all the nurses oohing and ahhing at his big blue eyes and huge smile. He loves attention and is quite a charmer!), his head measurements are great and they didn’t see any sign that he favors one side of his body over the other. All of these things signal that he is growing as he should and that there are no concerns about his brain development. We may do some physical therapy every other month or so just to make sure he continues to move forward.

In other John news, he has his two bottom teeth and he’s now eating solid food! He’s still nursing quite a bit (another huge answer to prayer!) but we’ve added in some avocado, banana and brown rice cereal and he loves it. He is slowly putting on weight. He was 14.2 pounds at his appointment yesterday, well below the growth curve but getting closer to the line. He is on the chart for his height, however, in the 5th percentile! We love this little man and are so grateful for his life. God has shown great mercy to him and to our family and we do not take it for granted. If you are praying or have prayed for John, be encouraged! The Lord hears and answers!