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Another Great Report

Things continue to go well here at the Witmer house.  John had another excellent appointment at UVA on March 6. His sats were 89 (!) and he weighed 15 pounds 11 oz. His cardiologist was very happy with his progress and, again, thought he looked so good that we didn’t need to do an echo. John is right under the growth curve for his weight, which is still not on the chart but much closer than he was previously. The cardiology team wants to see us back in 3 months!

Following our visit with the cardiologist we had an appointment with the pediatric geneticist. Our pediatrician recommended that we look into some additional testing to make sure John doesn’t have anything else going on that we should be aware of. The geneticist was a sweet older man who had never met John before. He walked in with 2 med students (a common occurrence at UVA since it’s a teaching hospital) and said, “I can’t believe this is the baby I was just reading about! I could never pick him out of a crowd!” He said that he was hoping to show the students a medically complex baby but he couldn’t find anything to show them! We are waiting to hear what our insurance covers in terms of additional testing but all the testing they’ve done previously showed no additional reason for concern.

John had his first physical therapy appointment last week.  He is developing new skills every day!  While the therapist was here he went from laying down to sitting up about 4 times! He is also army crawling. I know he’s going to take off soon. And yesterday, for the first time, he pulled himself up to standing all by himself! The therapist put him closer to a 9 month level, which is already a big improvement. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming!

Spring has arrived here and we are loving it. JMU is basically in our back yard and we often walk around campus. I know the kids are going to have happy memories of having a gorgeous college campus as their playground. Here are some pictures I took today. It was 73 degrees and sunny. There’s nothing better than Spring in the Shenandoah Valley, except maybe Fall in the Shenandoah Valley 🙂 Enjoy! IMG_3136 (Medium) IMG_3140 (Medium) IMG_3145 (Medium) IMG_3153 (Medium) IMG_3157 (Medium) IMG_3175 (Medium) IMG_3186 (Medium) IMG_3188 (Medium) IMG_3206 (Medium) IMG_3211 (Medium) IMG_3221 (Medium)