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Monson Memories

When our children ask me to tell them a story, I often think back to my own childhood in the town of Monson, Maine. After hearing these stories many times over the past several years, the kids know them (or at least their own version of them) by heart. Inspired by a conversation with our friend Kristin Moore, I decided to record Katie and Benjamin telling my stories.

Some lines from these stories (“I got a cat” and “keep it on coming”) make regular appearances in family conversations, while others (“Mackey Melia is a jerk” and “I do not like these sheets”) offer the kids an interesting perspective on Daddy as an ornery child.

There’s a hidden track starring another ornery child, so be sure to listen all the way to the end!


Ben’s Baseball Birthday

Even though Ben’s 5th birthday isn’t until next Tuesday, we took 5 of his little friends to the last JMU home baseball game to celebrate today.  They had a lot of fun!  It was windy and chilly but that didn’t seem to phase these sweet, fun loving boys.  JMU won and Ben felt loved.  It was definitely a success 🙂