The Virginia Witmers

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Summer 2016

This summer we…

Cheered as Katie and Ben played tee ball and we had a fun visit to Bethlehem where we went to an Iron Pigs baseball game

Went strawberry and blueberry picking

Had a wonderful trip to Monson, Maine where we spent a lot of kayaking, and snuggling with grandparents

Celebrated big birthdays on the Maine coast (kid-free!)

Went to Northern Maine to visit one set of cousins and also got to go four wheeling and fishing!

Went to Massachusetts to visit the other set of cousins (how cute are these girls?!)


Played sports in our backyard

Did some hiking in the Shenandoah National Park


Did lots of reading (Katie has grown by leaps and bounds this summer!)


Had a blast at the beach with my family playing in the ocean, making sand castles, riding rides on the boardwalk, and burying Andrew!

And had lots of sweet times together as a family and also visiting with friends.  As you can see, it’s truly been a wonderful summer!

Katie and Ben start school next Tuesday and Andrew starts teaching the following Monday.  Katie will be entering 1st grade and Ben will be starting Kindergarten.  It’s so sweet that they’re in the same school, and they’re even on the same hallway!  Katie is a little nervous but knows the ropes so she’s more confident than last year.  Ben is doing a dual language program, where half his day will be taught totally in Spanish and the other half in English.  We know this will be a challenge but we’re excited about the opportunity for him.

This means that John and I will have lots of time at home together.  We will dearly miss Katie and Ben (I’ll have to start a tally of how many times John says their names when they’re gone.  They are all the best of friends) but I treasure the time with just him. He is doing very well.  As you can see through the pictures he is living his life to the full.  He shows no sign of being different than any other 2 year old, except that he’s on the smaller side and isn’t pronouncing words as clearly as some (we think this will come.  As some of you know, Katie needed speech therapy around the age of 3, so we may go that route when the time comes if he hasn’t improved).  Our early intervention case worker agreed that he’s right on track and in July he graduated from all speech and physical therapies!  We’re so proud of him and grateful to God for blessing John’s life with health, laughter, and joy.

His next cardiology appointment is in October.  We will discuss future plans then.  They would like him to be 30 pounds for his next heart surgery.  Since he’s only 22 pounds now, and every ounce is hard fought (he burns his calories as quickly as he can get them!), we’re guessing that it will be summer of 2018.  One day at a time.  I’ll be sure to update.  Thanks so much for continuing to follow our family!