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Good Night and Good Morning


Last night was John’s best since his surgery. He woke up twice in significant pain but otherwise slept peacefully. It showed this morning. John was quiet at first, but after waking up more fully he treated the nurses and me to some smiles and silliness.

It got even better after Maureen arrived (it always does). John surprised us by asking to eat some pretzels, followed by apple juice, followed by a fruit wrap.


He hammed it up for everyone in the room, making us all laugh with funny facial expressions and silly answers to our questions. Then (with an assist from some pain medicine) he took his third walk down the hallway, followed by his posse of cart-rolling, wire-toting, hand-holding supporters. He was feeling dizzy but bravely pushed on, taking a brief rest and then insisting on walking rather than being carried back to his room.



We are celebrating a good night and morning, and we continue to be deeply grateful for your prayers, emails, texts, gifts, visits, and other forms of encouragement and support. While John was exploring the PICU hallway, Katie and Ben were exploring Monticello with our dear friend Megan Huffman and her and Matt’s two daughters.


Over the past few days, Katie and Ben have had lots of fun around Charlottesville with Maureen’s supportive and generous parents. Yesterday, they enjoyed mini-golfing and ice cream-eating with the wonderful Tom and Sylvie Moore. Katie and Ben have made things easier for Maureen and me by being flexible, uncomplaining, and willing to go with the flow (granted, it’s been a pretty great flow, thanks to family and friends!).

2 thoughts on “Good Night and Good Morning

  1. The picture and the description of him on that walk simply takes my breath away — what incredible courage and fortitude he owns in spades…. my watery eyes are making it hard to type… I’m in awe – truly awe of John and full of thankfulness knowing he’s getting closer and closer to discharge day!

  2. Whooo-Hoooo! There is nothing as great as GOOD NEWS! Praise be to God – and also to two loving parents and lots of prayers.

    John looks great and on the road to recovery. So happy whenever the news is this uplifting. Hoping you two can now get some catch-up rest. Blessings,

    Pam and Mitch

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