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Two Steps Forward


Today was very good in many ways, but also quite hard at times. John had an excellent night’s sleep. But around 6:15 this morning he woke up screaming and was inconsolable for about ten minutes. My guess is that only some of this was caused by pain. He told me later that he was crying because he was scared. He’s been in the hospital for almost one week now, lying in the same bed, dealing with significant pain. It must be awful to wake from a good night’s sleep and find himself still there. Please pray for peace and comfort and hope and God’s protection over John’s sweet and joyful spirit.

We saw continuing signs of progress. John took four walks. Less fluid drained from his chest tubes than yesterday. He ate a bunch of snacks (and accidentally smeared Cheetos dust all over his white sheets). His bowels are working. He was happy and silly at times.

But early this evening John experienced such terrible pain in his back (we think from the chest tubes) that his nurse had to rush a dose of morphine. And over the past couple days he’s become much more resistant to taking medicines orally, sobbing for minutes before swallowing even the medicines he takes daily (without fuss) at home.

We are encouraged by the big picture. But it’s easy for us, and even easier for poor John, to lose sight of the big picture in the tougher moments. Thank you for continuing to hold this precious child in your thoughts and prayers.

5 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward

  1. You are doing great. One day soon all of this will be a medical memory and John can tell others how brave he was – and so very loved. You are the parents that God knew could handle all of this. Not everyone can.

    Thank you for keeping us all informed. That way, everyone knows for what to pray. You can do this. The worst is over.

  2. Really appreciate the updates. They seem very accurate and show your understanding of how well the progress is real places that are slow feel really slow and hard. Most of us haven’t had a child suffer but your picture it sure makes me feel your pain. Praying for Little John tonight. And love to you all.

  3. I cannot imagine what it’s like for John. I truly cannot. How wonderful to hear he slept so well – I’m sad he had a rough awakening and sad to know he was in that much pain again and needed the morphine later in the day – that too I cannot imagine — either being 5 and dealing with this pain or being a parent watching your five year old in pain, again. Glad his bowls are doing their thing – love that he is eating. We are praying on each detail you share. May the drainage come to a full stop – I’m praying today is that day. Sending lots of love.

  4. Praying for this to be over soon. Our little warrior is so brave. Hugs 💕🙏🏻

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