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Another Great Day


John slept peacefully last night. The past two mornings, he’s woken up crying and afraid. This morning, as I sat praying for him on the sofa a couple feet from his bed, he fluttered open his eyes and gave me a sleepy little smile. Then he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep. The rest of the day has been almost that good.

Even the most difficult part of the day was a major step forward. Having the central line removed from his neck was traumatic for John, but it means he’s finished with IV fluids and medications, and we’ve loved that he’s no longer tethered to an IV pole.

The most important development of the day was being moved out of intensive care and into a room in another part of the hospital. This will likely be our last stop before being discharged. Amazingly, we may be heading home in the next day or two!

We all enjoyed visits from friends from Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, who brought laughter and fun and balloons and popsicles into John’s new room.

John’s transformation over the past couple days has been wonderful to behold. As he’s shed wires and lines and tubes, particularly the painful chest tubes, he’s become faster and stronger on his walks. He’s also smiled and laughed more. He had a big grin on his face for much of the afternoon. He’s feeling good. We all are.

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6 thoughts on “Another Great Day

  1. what an amazing boy! It is so good to see him smile and see the light of God in his eyes…..I knew Maureen when she lived in Bethlehem, and love her dearly…….what a amazing gift the doctors bring to this problem. I can only keep praying for your whole family……thankyou for sharing you journey with all of us……love, peace and joy…….Ann Schneck

  2. We are so happy, relieved and thankful that John had a wonderful night and even better morning with that smile. Also happy you are one step closer to going home. Katie and Ben have been outstanding older siblings💕. Let us know when you are settled back home and we’ll plan a visit over. Love and hugs to all Uncle Luke and Aunt Cathy. God is good💕🙏🏻

  3. ❤️ Such good news…praise the Lord!
    Many prayers from Maine…
    Lorna and Brad

  4. So very thankful!! We wish we were closer so we could drop by! Can’t wait for August

  5. Oh what a relief to see that beautiful sweet face with a smile on it:) Tubes out yeah!!!! Good bye ICU!!! Oh such good news!

    Still praying for you all xoxo Kathleen

  6. I am praying for all of you, and rejoicing in the Lord’s many mercies and His gracious love to all of you!

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